Cynthia definitely comes from a strong musical heritage.

Her parents met in a band in her dad’s home state of Texas.  They fell in love and got married then continued to travel and perform together for several years after, before settling down in Dallas Texas and starting a family. 

Cynthia's dad ended up joining the Navy right before Cynthia was born and served faithfully while his family moved from location to location in true military family style. Cynthia still remembers many trips to Wichita Falls to visit her MawMaw during that time. 

After her dad left the military, her parents picked up their instruments again and started using their gifts in the local church where their family attended. Cynthia's parents continued adding to the family and eventually there were 8 children in all, with Cynthia being 3rd oldest. 

At age 14 Cynthia went through a very dark time with her mental health and general overall health. She began struggling with addiction and suicidal tendencies and overdosed at the age of 15, but by the grace of God, she survived.  Cynthia is unafraid to share her story of what God did that September night, in hopes of encouraging anyone else with depression and thoughts of suicide. "It is never the answer. You are just ridding the world of the joy of knowing the unique person God made you to be." Says Cynthia.  "Please reach out to someone, getting help isn't weakness, it is the strongest and bravest thing you could ever do. And please don't fall for the lie that you aren't loved and valuable. You are. God loves you and so do I." 

After that night, she found a sudden desire to start learning guitar and singing. Almost immediately after she started playing and singing, she started writing music and pretty soon she was writing the music for her developing family band.

Cynthia realized that playing music helped with her mental health and started advocating through her music for others struggling in the same way.  Helping others struggling with depression and anxiety had become a focal point of her music. And she continues to focus on that to this day. 

Around that same time, her siblings started learning to play instruments too, and pretty soon the whole family began to travel and play music for churches, city events and fairs. They traveled from Missouri to Texas and everywhere in between. During this time Cynthia’s gospel roots took on a more country flare and she embraced it.  

After meeting her husband in 2010 and starting a family of her own, her family band disbanded, but Cynthia fondly recalls the many memories and joys of traveling with her family band. And she cherishes the lessons and values instilled in her life because of them.  

With 20 years of writing and performing currently under her belt, her recently released 4 track EP is a clear representation of her heart for people and joy of music. This makes 30 songs she has recorded, with more on the way.  All original music written by Cynthia. 

With her 5th single "Abracadabra" currently out to radio, following her successful top 20 single "What The Whiskey Gave You", Cynthia is taking on the country music scene with joyful gusto. Her love of people and the power of music gives her a drive to bring hope to every listener and show them how much God loves them. 

Cynthia has shared the stage with several amazing well-known names, including Logan Mize, 90's band Ricochet, Matt Stell, Jerrod Nieman and was nominated as "New Female Vocalist of the Year" in 2022 with the T3R awards. Even though she wasn't a finalist, she was honored to even be considered at all by her fans.  She also had the honor of performing at the Sunday night "Future Faces Show" at Texas LIVE in Arlington, Tx prior to the Texas Regional Radio Awards show 2022. 

As a mother and a wife, the choice to take her music farther hasn't been easy, but she enjoys the full support and love of her family, which includes her husband and sound guy, Wes and her son, Ethan. Ethan is also a budding musician and gets to join his mama onstage sometimes playing his harmonica. Cynthia looks forward to the future of music with her family, wherever the good Lord leads. 

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