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I swore for years that I would never do crowdfunding, I never wanted to look like I was looking for a handout.... but the reason I am starting this crowdfunding campaign is for a few reasons....

1: I have had MANY people ask me to do so.

2: I don't have enough money to record and produce the songs that people are wanting to listen to on their streaming devices right now, so it will take several years to get them finished unless I do this.

3: God uses the weirdest things to keep us humble. <3

4: I want to give back to my amazing fans like they give to me, if I am able and this works out.

I have decided to offer a return on this donation thing.

For every $10 (or more) donated, you will automatically be put on a list to receive the first finished CD's. Anyone who donates $9 or less will get a band sticker or koozie.

I really hope every person who reads this know that you are loved, and I am praying for you. Donation or not.

Thank y'all for your time and God bless!


If you prefer another way to donate, here are alternative ways and links.

Paypal  and Venmo

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